Stop estate administration costs from robbing your loved ones of their full inheritance.

In a groundbreaking initiative for South Africa, you now have a way to get an independent, personalised and secure LegalTech platform tailored to your needs, allowing you to craft your financial lifestyle and estate plans - online.

This comprehensive offering includes links to your executor and key contacts, utilising the gathered information to provide a full service for your loved ones upon your passing.

As members, your beneficiaries are not charged any estate administration fees for winding-up your affairs so they can receive their full inheritance without any of your assets being sold to provide liquidity.

A NewGen estate administrator

My Protector Group administrators (Myprotector) is a new generation, technology driven, non-traditional online legal & estate administration business who's services are provided by a team of professional & qualified attorneys, estate administrators and fiduciary specialists driving change in South Africa.

We offer a boutique fiduciary service that helps you become a savvy planner for your family. We'll teach you about the legal & estate planning matters that you absolutely cannot do without if you want to protect your plans and all your loved one's assets when you pass away. We want to be the trusted partner you can count on when it comes to protecting you family and your legacy.



When you die, how much will it cost your loved ones?


When you pass away, a deceased estate is established to manage the process of settling your affairs. It is crucial for your family or designated individuals to locate your legal will, which designates the executor responsible for distributing your assets to your beneficiaries according to your wishes.

In the absence of a legal will, the courts will intervene and determine the disposition of your belongings and who should receive them, potentially leading to outcomes your loved ones may not favor, with no recourse available to them.

Prior to your beneficiaries receiving their inheritances, they are obligated to cover various deceased estate expenses, which can pose challenges, especially for children who may lack the financial means to do so. These expenses encompass executor fees, conveyancing fees, and other estate administrative costs. Additionally, the High Court and SARS will levy their fees on your deceased estate, reducing the overall inheritance for your loved ones.

It is essential to emphasize that these expenses must be settled in cash before beneficiaries can legally assume ownership of their inheritances. In cases where funds are lacking, the executor is compelled to sell some or all of your assets to generate the required funds, potentially diminishing the inheritance for your beneficiaries significantly.

Your primary objective should be to leave your deceased estate as debt-free as possible and to adequately provide for estate administration costs, ensuring that your loved ones receive their full inheritances. Our membership fee approach is designed to address these challenges in the most cost-effective manner, offering a solution to this complex issue.

One of the primary objectives of estate planning is to reduce the costs in your deceased estate to ensure that your loved ones receive all their inheritance.

Myprotector's pricing model is so Different, we do this better than any other firm.


Why are membership fees better payment structures?

The membership fee approach is significantly more cost-effective for all parties involved. Given that Myprotector commits to providing the agreed-upon services for a nominal fee, it is inherently aligned with our vested interest to assist you in minimising the expenses associated with estate planning. This approach not only guarantees the collection of a fee but also ensures that you receive the most comprehensive guidance while simultaneously ensuring that your beneficiaries receive their full inheritance.

Premium escalations make it unaffordable over time No premium escalations means more affordability over time
Premiums become more expensive than the needs Premiums are capped to ensure you never overpay
If your estate value decreases, your premiums stay the same Your premiums aren't subjected to estate values
Limited flexibility for premium adjustments Greater flexibility for premium adjustments with full protection
Over paid premiums would limit opportunity costs No premium over payments (capped) eliminates this issue
If policy paid into estate, it will increase executor fees No executor fees needed
If policy paid into estate, it will increase estate duty No policy that adds to estate duty
Insurer will impose loadings (eg: smoker) etc No loadings imposed
High risk occupations are excluded No exclusions for high risk occupations
The elderly might not be accepted High acceptance age limit of 80 yrs old
Not accepted due to being previously declined, hazardous activities & occupations No exclusions for any of these
Not accepted due to income limitations Our small membership fee will help
Policy payout can be delayed and would effect the deceased estate processes Our services are immediate and not restricted to delays
Life cover offers flexibility to provide for all deceased estate risks We offer a full services to eliminate the gaps
Life insurers only offer financial support Memberships offer additional services to be more comprehensive
Life cover can include financial support for other needs. This could tie up the resources needed to wind-up your affairs Memberships focus on estate administration services only and provide a more effective service delivery without delays
When you downsize later in life, you limit the need for deceased estate indemnity cover. Your existing premiums are now far too expensive for the need Downsizing won't effect your services with us and if the estate value dropped below the risk portion, your premium will be reduced to the essential fee only
If you cancel or lapse your policy, it may require you to take out a new policy that includes new loadings and health assessments if you want to redo it We offer premium freeze and cost cap solutions to help members with their financial payment difficulties

Our mission is to make sure your legacy is protected.


So what if you don't get your legal affairs in order?

1 - Heirs won't get their full inheritance because your plans are not up-to-date or in-line with the high court procedures
2 - Your heirs will be subject to the courts decision as to any inheritance which might not land up being what you would have wanted
3 - Deceased estate carries too much debt so your assets have to be sold by law, leaving your family with less to inherit
4 - Unnecessary Tax, Estate Duty, Capital Gains and VAT are paid which will reduce your estate value, leaving much less for your loved ones
5 - Children are not considered so the courts decide their future, thus placing them under enormous pressure to survive this world
6 - Your executor is not monitored so they could drag their heels, which costs your estate and leaves your family struggling to survive while they wait
7 - It could take your family a long time to find out that you have died, if no formal emergency strategy is in place for each family member
8 - Family members are thrown into chaos when a death occurs and everything gets confusing as they try to administer your affairs
9 - Your life is forgotten about and future generations will never know about you, leaving future generations guessing about who you were

These are the unavoidable issues that you need to plan for and nobody gets away with them.


Our Unique Difference helps you leave a stack load more of your hard-earned money for your loved ones to inherit.

You are protected

We teach from experience. Our inhouse legal and business consultants are qualified professionals who will teach you the fundamentals they use in their lives. Each of our fiduciary specialists are regulated by the following institutions:

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