Why we're different?


This isn’t theory for us; it’s real life. Our attorneys and advisors use the very same solutions for their lives. That way you can be sure that what you learn and how you apply it remains effective and protected.


We coordinate financial planning, estate and heritage planning with lifestyle planning to create a holistic action plan, so everything fits neatly together.


We make sure that our team of experts remain available to assist you with your planning and will provide the needed services at each phase of your life at no additional cost.

Planning knowledge through our LegalTech platform

The best results come from a team of highly skilled professionals who decide to share their knowledge to help you get ahead.

When we work with you, we understand the trust you place in us, not only to achieve your objectives but also in the faith that we will deliver it to you in the most effective manner possible.

You will have access to a network of attorneys and advisors to tackle your problems and to steer you through any given situation as and when needed.
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  We've reimagined the way legal services get offered

Our automation and LegalTech platform allows our attorneys to work more efficiently compared to traditional attorneys. We use this time saving to serve you even more.

We work off the principle of a client paying a fee and having access to a set of benefits and services for all your legal, estate and heritage needs for now and after you pass away.

  Long-term financial literacy for sustainable results

Whether you are just starting out, single with kids, getting ready to retire or wanting to learn more about how best to plan for your dreams, an education hub that gets you planning the correct way is the ONLY place to start.

Myprotector will constantly share knowledge with you about financial, legal, estate and heritage planning and will remain available to guide you through life's challenges when you need us most.

We believe in long-term learning and providing you with practical tools and technology that evolves with your ever changing life demands.

Deceased estate protection for as little as R80 pm.

When you pass away, your family will have to deal with the stress and confusion of winding-up your affairs as well as finding the cash to pay for all the costs to prevent your executor from selling your home.

You can't buy life cover at this price and with all the services we offer.
Now everyone can have legal representation when they need it most.


What our members say...


“I am writing this note to say a big thank you to Andrew McDonald and his legal team. My mother passed away in June 2007 and we had no idea about where her Will was or if she even had one. It turned out that because of the support of Myprotector, we realised that she in fact had done a Living Will. Having used it, we not only honoured her and her wishes but it had the added benefit of saving  the family huge hospital bills and allowed us to begin our healing. The support was an instant God send at a very emotional time – Thank you all so very much."
Natalie Powell, Johannesburg - SA



“Andrew McDonald (as an author) in his great work gives a clear picture of how important our purpose is, not only for our lives, but also the life of those who come after us. His focus on the role of the “Emotional Will / Heritage Planning” is a master stroke of literary genius that motivates us to live life to its fullest.”
Dr. Myles E. Munroe…BFM International, Nassau Bahamas - USA



“As a single professional golfer who travels constantly, I realised that my family would not know much about my financial affairs if I should pass away. I needed a fixed and neutral organisation’s help to be there for me. The PCV and its family support services agreement gives me a dedicated solution that lets me get on with what I do without having to think about what if. Thank you for such an amazing service and for your detailed support." Graeme BiggS - UK



“Andrew (the developer of this product) is a person with insight and true aspirations to add value to the short, medium and long term development of business strategies and has developed an excellent tool to assist organisations and individuals to become strategic and effective in business and personal growth.”
Louis Kruger - SA



“To Andrew and his team it is refreshing to see such integrity in business today. I truly appreciate your honesty, and can understand why James is recommending your service. In token of that appreciation, please retain the additional amount. I look forward to working with the vault."
Regards Stan Hoffman - USA



“Having become a client of this amazing platform, I am now more confident that should anything happen to me, there is a single easy solution in place to help my family. I encourage anyone reading this to make the effort and get this PCV for your own life too."
Chris Mathews, Hillcrest - SA

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