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MyProtector's free financial lifestyle planner is an intelligent, tailor-made
LegalTech cloud platform, enabling seamless centralisation, organisation, and
fortification of your estate and personal data throughout your lifetime.

Protect their inheritance

Are you keen on cutting out estate administration costs to ensure
more of your assets go to your loved ones? Let's explore how we
can simplify this process and save you money!


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Are you looking to boost your income because your
current earnings aren't enough? Let's find the best
solutions to increase your financial stability!

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Are you wanting to solve financial problems to protect
loved ones? Let's see how we can help you feel secure
and protect your family and solve your needs!


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Are you interested in building generational wealth through
trusts to secure your family's future? Let's see how we
can create a lasting legacy for your loved ones!

Why MyProtector?

We're on a mission to help you protect your lifestyle and the future legacy you wish to create.

Always more ways to save

With discounts on insurance and no financial advisor commissions, you get much more for the right price.

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Added value to every product & service. We include unique solutions to enhance what the typical insurer offers.

Free to connect the world

Our unique tech is 100% owned by us. We don't rely on 3rd party services that could affect our member experience.

Switching deceased estate insurance to a membership service

MyProtector Group administrators (Myprotector) is a new generation, LegalTech company that offers group rated benefits & deceased estate administration to a community of members, making it more affordable for more people to protect their estate assets. The services include inheritance plans, income plans, insurance plans and legacy planning, provided by a team of legally qualified executors, conveyancers, estate administrators and fiduciary specialists - driving change in South Africa.

We are the 1st membership based estate administrator enterprise in South Africa to maximise the value of the legacy you pass on to your loved ones, while guarding against the erosion of their inheritance due to high executor, conveyancer and estate administration expenses. MyProtector aims to protect your assets from being forcibly sold to pay for traditionally hefty legal estate administration fees - leaving your beneficiaries much more of your hard earned money to inherit.

What do I need & where do I get it?

Life cover, also known as life insurance, is essential for anyone with financial dependents or significant financial obligations. Individuals who have a family, particularly those who are primary earners, need life cover to ensure their loved ones are financially protected in the event of their untimely death. It is also crucial for those with substantial debts, such as home loans, or anyone whose death would impose financial hardship on others. Life cover provides peace of mind by guaranteeing that dependents can maintain their standard of living, cover daily expenses, and handle long-term financial commitments like education costs. Additionally, it can help with funeral expenses and estate taxes, preventing a financial burden on the survivors. Ultimately, life cover is a vital safety net that supports the financial security and stability of one's family and dependents. We created a matrix to help you assess what solutions serve which problems and whether or not we offer it on your LegalTech.


Your passing away incurs costs that your estate or loved ones have to pay in cash before they can legally inherit anything. If you don't have the cash, your executor is forced to sell your assets (like your home) to pay the costs. This leaves your heir/s with much less to inherit or without a place to call home.


To protect your loved ones from the heavy financial strain of deceased estate expenses and to preserve your hard earned wealth for future generations.


To abolish the overpriced executor, conveyancer and other legal deceased estate administration fees.
To give you generational wealth opportunities to maximise your lifestyle income and your heir's inheritance.


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MyProtector Group enhances the value proposition for these insurers to offer our members a range of unique products and services:


Our Unique Difference helps you leave a stack load more of your hard-earned money for your loved ones to inherit without the need for life insurance.

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  We are the FIRST to offer a family heritage archive
with your lifestyle plans since 2000.

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