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Never pay for estate administration costs and make sure more of
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Are you looking to boost your income because your
current earnings aren't enough? We'll give you a
unique solutions to increase financial stability!

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Are you wanting to solve pending financial problems for
your loved ones? We've built unique products to help you
protect your family and estate from crippling financial issues!


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Are you ready to build generational wealth and protect those who
depend on you financially? Access unique products designed to
help you create a lasting family legacy for your children. Start today
and pave the way for a prosperous tomorrow!

When you can't speak for yourself in an emergency:


myICE allows the First Responder to use their own or any other phone to
access clients’ critical information via our site. The technology is accessed
by entering the myICE website portal and placing a unique code, found on
the myICE card. They can access drug interaction information, doctor
details and identifying markings and much more.

This service helps first reponders when seconds count.


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We're on a mission to help you protect your lifestyle and the future legacy you wish to create.

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With discounts on insurance and NO financial advisor commissions, you get much more for the right price.

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Added value to every product & service. We include unique solutions to enhance what the typical insurer offers.

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* With children < 21 yrs included

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MyProtector Group enhances the value proposition for these insurers to offer our members a range of unique products and services:


Our Unique Difference helps you leave a stack load more of your hard-earned money for your loved ones to inherit without the need for life insurance.

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