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Our vision is founded on a simple truth. The truth is, most people aren’t living their best life possible. They’re drifting through day-to-day survival tasks without really knowing where they’re going, what they want or how they're going to achieve their dreams. As a result, their life lacks vision and purpose as they live with the hopes that things will somehow work out one day.

To help, we started out searching for a modern platform upon which you, our members, can build your life without ignoring all the important legal, estate and financial plans you would need for your future. We also didn't want you to be forced to use the services of financial advisors and expensive lawyers, but rather, give you access to the right legal, estate and heritage education so you could help yourself while we freely guide you along the way.

We believed in living a life that gives you the freedom to build and live your dreams now (before retirement), away from traditional 'old-school' ways of doing things, because none of us wanted to live a life that forced us to focus purely on making money for a retirement plan, and then, only on retirement, start doing what we really want to do for the rest of our 30 odd years, only to spend our retirement savings just to survive until we passed away.

There had to be a better way to live.

So! Birthed out of copious amounts of coffee at innumerable coffee shops, the dream to build an action plan with a private LegalTech vault and unique built-in 12-step program, became a reality.

We've started our vision to become the best place for you to access qualified education and guidance, so that you can achieve your work-lifestyle balance beyond 'old-school' traditional ways of doing business.

What to expect

Founder | MD
I founded the Myprotector Group off the back of my experiences as someone who believes in living a life I love now, and one driven by a purpose. I've built several successful businesses, owned several properties, created many first's in business, worked through a physical disability, been financially broke a couple of times, published a couple of books, at age 34 I built my own medical aid scheme option and a life assurance company and my own life product. I haven't been through so much and not learned a thing or two.

I now have a team of professionals working and sharing the strategies, insights and nuggets of truth we've learned, and together, help people who want to pursue a life they love that also includes the fundamentals of legal, estate and heritage planning while they do it.

Through the LegalTech and estate action plan, we will teach you about building a passive lifestyle income for life, protect your assets and leave a financial legacy your beneficiaries will be proud of.



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  We are the FIRST to offer a specialised Modern Legal Will
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