What makes us different

We are unwaveringly devoted to the financial well-being of our members, and our dedicated team is poised to provide expert guidance on your financial journey, empowering you to plan your life with unwavering confidence and wisdom. And! When you pass away, manage all your deceased estate administration tasks at no extra cost.

Our seasoned professionals are at your service, tending to your financial and estate requirements. Our mission is to position ourselves as a premier membership organisation committed to safeguarding your distinct family legacy, founded on bespoke financial and legal principles.

We are the 1st and ONLY enterprise in South Africa to optimise the value of the legacy you pass on to your loved ones, while guarding against the erosion of their inheritance due to estate expenses and fees.

The Difference #1


The traditional 'old school' ways of billing and preparing your estate affairs with life insurance and expensive traditional law firms are now a thing of the past. For the first time in SA, you can get your estate affairs prepared and wound-up - instantly, online and with our attorneys at no additional cost.

We do things differently - we're the new norm!

We offer a small monthly membership administration fee, so everyone gets the same level of service with no deceased estate wind-up costs, free family hand-holding by our legal team, and it doesn't depend on the value of your estate.

Premium freeze
Our modern membership fee approach offers our members financial support by freezing their payments for up to 6 months if they face financial difficulty.

Cost cap
Our modern membership fee approach also ensures that your membership risk premium portion doesn't exceed the estate administration costs. Your premium will be reduced to ensure that you never overpay for our services. This excludes the essential services cost because we need to secure your data and provide key services to protect you.


  The Difference #2


Your life planning will require many products and services that protect your wealth and your family's wellbeing, now and after you pass away.

To make sure you never over pay for any of the services you will need, we negotiate with insurance companies and other service providers to give you group discounted solutions and rates.

We provide these products and services via the LegalTech platform and API the education, quote and support with the relevant service providers.

That way, our members receive the very same solutions that are available through financial advisors, but without having to pay any of the commissions and other fees.

Discover how much you can SAVE on your deceased estate costs!
Let's leave more money for your heirs!

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  We are the FIRST to offer a family heritage archive with your lifestyle plans since 2000.

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