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Andrew - The founder
Our humble beginnings

We established our business to serve people with estates valued up to R1 Million because most families simply don't have the cash requirements available when a family member passes away.

Our goal is to ensure that the courts do not sell the assets that their family desperately needs to live in or use. We ensure that most South Africans can afford legal representation when struggling with a death in a family by providing professional, quality-driven, legal will and deceased estate services without the need for expensive life cover or other expensive lawyer fee-for-services.

Together with key, like-minded professionals, we started out looking for a modern foundation on which to build our legal future that doesn't require us to use financial advisors, but rather, gives us access to the right legal and heritage education so we could help ourselves as we grow.

We believed in living a life that gives us the freedom to live our dreams now (before retirement), away from traditional 'old-school' ways of doing things.

We also wanted a legal and dynamic way to manage our life and death by using technology to help us along. We wanted to have a solution that is integrated into daily life where we can adjust everything on-the-fly.

None of us wanted to live a life that forced us to focus purely on making money for a retirement plan, and then on retirement, start doing what we really want to do for the rest of our 30 odd years. Then, spend our retirement savings just to survive until we passed away.

There has to be a better way to live.

So! We set about building this business and incorporated all the different solutions to bring it into the 21st Century.

We wanted to build the technology for people who believed as we did. We knew that our members would need to have a solid foundation on which to build their lives and they would need some essential legal services to make sure they have their bases covered.

The modern individual and families need much more from a traditional legal will than that which is offered on the market today. For these people, buying a conventional legal will on its own doesn't go far enough to solve the real issues that the modern lifestyle needs help with. They expect a full services solution that merges innovative digital solutions with legal expertise.

On top of all the above, we wanted to provide people with unbiased education about financial, legal, emergency, estate and heritage planning so they can enjoy the solutions without the need for financial advisors and expensive lawyers.

So! Birthed out of copious amounts of coffee at innumerable coffee shops, the dream to build a modern legal will with a private cloud vault and unique built-in estate & legal planning strategy, became a reality.

We've started our vision to become the best place for people to access education and guidance, so that they can achieve their work-lifestyle balance beyond 'old-school' ways of doing things.

We at Myprotector have enhanced the traditional by adding more sophistication and innovation to our legal and estate services - now fit for the 21st Century modern lifestyle.

We would love to have you join us so we can give you the foundation and services you need to build your future on your own terms.

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  We are the FIRST to offer a specialised Modern Legal Will
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