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Myprotector Group Administrators is made up of a team of lawyers, lifestyle estate administrators, business executives and fiduciary specialists who are passionate about serving independent contractors, freelancers, expats and digital nomads as they focus on building a life they love on their own terms. For these underserved groups, we come alongside to protect them and their family with those financial and legal services they absolutely cannot do without.

It's precisely because they are independent, freelancers and the like, don't have a level of institutional influence to command group benefits and preferred rates for services they need. At Myprotector Group Administrators, we recognise this and have designed non-insured group benefits and services to collectively cater to the needs of these valuable groups.

We believe that financial freedom means different things to different people. However, our focus is to help our members understand that the pursuit of wealth lies in reaching a lifestyle where they don't aim to be the next billionaire, but rather to be content with a strategy that helps them attain financially independence.

Financial freedom, like having enough savings, investments, and cash to afford the lifestyle one wants for themselves and their families, is an important goal for many of us. It also means growing a nest egg that will allow them to retire and continue to pursue the lifestyle they want.

Myprotector built its proprietary cloud technology to create and manage bespoke products and services without our members having to depend on expensively biased financial advice and support.

We're on a mission to provide our members with the technology and strategy they need to secure the financial lifestyle they want. To achieve that, we produce financial lifestyle action plans to start them on a personal roadmap to success.

How it works




A LegalTech digital vault

Your membership includes an exclusive LegalTech cloud platform that helps you organise and secure your estate and personal information while you’re alive - and simplify things for your heirs after you’re gone - it's your private and secure vault!


A master action plan

When we work with you, we understand the trust you place in us, not only to achieve your objectives but also in the faith you have that we will deliver them in the most effective manner possible.

Follow our 12 stage roadmap and our team of fiduciary experts will provide you with a personal assessment of what you need to be financially & legally protected - easy peasy!

See the Action Plan



A recurring lifestyle income +

Myprotector offers its members access to an additional wealth building opportunity and will pay you an annualized recurring income for the rest of your life.

+ As members, you will be able to leave your lifestyle income to those you love as an inheritance - Finally, a legacy of your own!

See the Lifestyle Income

Estate administration protection

After a member's death, Myprotector facilitates the linking of your data vault to your elected executor (via high court appointment) and key contacts. That way you can live your dream and confidently know that you've got your family protected if something tragic happens to you.


An incredible opportunity for freelance businesses and a great first for SA - Sven Boermeester - CEO INNOVATE


What an amazing step forward for the industry. There needs to be more organisations like this one that dares to step outside the norm to do something that reflects the times - ELSAC

With freelance english teachers all accross the world, its an obvious fit to have them supported by group benefits - ITEFLAC

Freelancers are underserved in this way:

  Not employees, so can't get employee group scheme benefits
  Can't negotiate discounts for services as a collective group
  Don't contribute to UIF so are left to fend for themselves financially
  Forced to buy RA's because they can't get a pension plan
  Seen as high risk to financial institutions and can't get a fair deal
  Are financially vulnerable to life changing losses through external factors
  Industry sees them as individual consumers and not businesses

Myprotector values the contributions freelancers make to the world, and have decided to become more involved in the solutions that empower them.

What our members say...


“I am writing this note to say a big thank you to Andrew McDonald and his legal team. My mother passed away in June 2007 and we had no idea about where her Will was or if she even had one. It turned out that because of the support of Myprotector, we realised that she in fact had done a Living Will. Having used it, we not only honoured her and her wishes but it had the added benefit of saving  the family huge hospital bills and allowed us to begin our healing. The support was an instant God send at a very emotional time – Thank you all so very much."
Natalie Powell, Johannesburg - SA



“Andrew McDonald (as an author) in his great work gives a clear picture of how important our purpose is, not only for our lives, but also the life of those who come after us. His focus on the role of the “Emotional Will / Heritage Planning” is a master stroke of literary genius that motivates us to live life to its fullest.”
Dr. Myles E. Munroe…BFM International, Nassau Bahamas - USA



“As a single professional golfer who travels constantly, I realised that my family would not know much about my financial affairs if I should pass away. I needed a fixed and neutral organisation’s help to be there for me. The PCV and its family support services agreement gives me a dedicated solution that lets me get on with what I do without having to think about what if. Thank you for such an amazing service and for your detailed support." Graeme BiggS - UK



“Andrew (the developer of this product) is a person with insight and true aspirations to add value to the short, medium and long term development of business strategies and has developed an excellent tool to assist organisations and individuals to become strategic and effective in business and personal growth.”
Louis Kruger - SA



“To Andrew and his team it is refreshing to see such integrity in business today. I truly appreciate your honesty, and can understand why James is recommending your service. In token of that appreciation, please retain the additional amount. I look forward to working with the vault."
Regards Stan Hoffman - USA



“Having become a client of this amazing platform, I am now more confident that should anything happen to me, there is a single easy solution in place to help my family. I encourage anyone reading this to make the effort and get this PCV for your own life too."
Chris Mathews, Hillcrest - SA

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  We are the FIRST to offer a family heritage archive with your lifestyle plans since 2000.

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