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Welcome to the private family heritage trust - This archive is INDEPENDENT and PRIVATE does not conflict with other organisations or research houses - We will work with any organisation or consultant who helps a community to preserve family history - We hope you enjoy your visit as you search through your family's heritage.

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This archive is a great inclusion to your family estate plans.

About this cloud based archive:

When you subscribe to the Myprotector private cloud vault, you will have immediate honorary access to this private family archive. By sharing your life experiences you could provide encouragement and practical advice for anyone in your family who can learn from you - it might be the struggling entrepreneur, the young mother, the broken-hearted divorcee, the cancer-stricken athlete. Never underestimate the opportunity this gives you, to continue the return on your investment by providing your family with a single place that captures everyone's records, values, the past and present family history and your own testimony.

The Heritage Archive was established by Andrew McDonald as a private and exclusive portal, dedicated to families who have a private cloud vault with the Myprotector Group (Pty) Ltd, to preserve their family's history and heritage. Our aim is to ensure the continuation of your legacy through future generations. Your family's lessons and stories are kept here for future generations to access from anywhere around the World. [Psalm 78 / vs 1-8]

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This login window is essentially the window to your family and the work that they have each done through their Myprotector Heritage Preservation Trust and cloud vault. With permissions, you can look through each others persons life story and get to know who they were and what they did.

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Your Family Heritage Research

Your family heritage trust
Where possible, Myprotector will investigate the origin of your family name / history and share this research with your children and grandchildren so that they learn about their family history and the journey of previous generations. This understanding is extremely rewarding and will enrich the lives of those who follow in your footsteps. This is a fee-for-service for this research to be done and the entire process can be included in your own story so that your children can understand your life as they build a legacy of their own.
Leave financial support to your loved ones and help future generations as they establish themselves in life.

Within the Myprotector family heritage trust, our trustees will follow your instructions regarding the benefits you would like to help your family with. Protect your hard earned wealth so that it does not get squandered but rather do what you can to set them up for success. Speak to Myprotector about the family heritage trust.

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If you decide to support our mission to become the most trusted Heritage Preservation archive,
then we will ensure that your legacy reflects your kind support and that all families would be indebted to
your generosity and contribution towards helping them preserve their family history.

Did you know?

“Heritage plans” or “Ethical Wills”, are one and the same thing. They have gained broad popularity in recent years. The earliest heritage plans were most likely passed on by word of mouth, while those of later generations were recorded on paper. Wills dating from the Medieval and Renaissance periods have even been preserved to modern times.

Ironically, it is the way we live rather than how we die that has made Heritage plans more popular recently.

Supporting Research

Market research conducted by ourselves also concurred with an extensive research exercise, conducted by Ken Dychtwald on behalf of Allianz Life Assurance, which shows that there is a need to enhance the publics existing traditionally accepted view of “Wills”, to augment and allow them to reflect not only their material wealth but also their heritage and ethical values.

In 2005, the study by Allianz found that leaving a legacy (an emotional inheritance) was far more important to people than leaving a financial inheritance, and that 77% of both “baby boomers” and their parents rated “values and life lessons” as the most important legacy they could receive or leave. Only 10% of boomers said that financial assets or real estate were important as an inheritance. The study concluded that money is a ‘minor’ component of legacy to parents and their heirs. "Many people wrongly assume that the most important issue among families is money and wealth transfer -- it's not," said Ken Dychtwald, a gerontologist, and designer of the survey. "What we found was the memories, stories and the personal values were 10 times more important to people than the money."

A study by respected author/advisors, Roy Williams & Vic Priesser went into the issue of ‘what are the most critical risks that you face.’ They asked over 3,250 families who had lost their wealth, “so, what was it that actually got you?”

60% replied that it was lack of communication and trust in the family,
25% said unprepared heirs.
Less than 3% said poor planning and investments had brought about their wealth loss.

These two studies highlight the knowledge gap between the factors that conventional wisdom says causes the loss of assets and unity, versus what actually happens in real life. The Williams & Priesser study further supports the conclusion that building and enhancing trust and facilitating effective communication within the family are foundational keys to family success.

A new survey, carried out by Ipsos MORI, was commissioned by the National Trust reveals that over half of us (57%) can't name any of our great-grandparents. The survey also showed that a further 14% of the population can only name one great-grandparent. Findings were similar across all age groups, suggesting that young and old are equally unsure about their ancestry.

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Our thanks also goes to these wonderful people who have helped to make this heritage preservation and private family archive what it is today. We are so grateful for the support and trust that your experience with the Myprotector heritage preservation services remains positive and valuable for those who will follow in your footsteps.

David Muller

Leon Swartz

Dave Jones

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Steve Gerson

Patricia McDonald

Derek Tomlinson

Gavin & Mariana Melville


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