Understand the PCV

Private Cloud Vaults (PCV's)
When planning your affairs, it's better to consolidate your information in a secure vault so that you can control where your documents are and help speed up the winding-up of your affairs when tragedy strikes. The added advantage is that your family and executor gets instant access to everything you have and your instructions can be followed without family conflict.

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100-GB of storage space
Data secured by Microsoft cloud technology and Myprotector LegalTech
256-bit Azure AES encryption and is FIPS 140-2 compliant and Myprotector managed
24/7 system back-ups
SSL and mySQL database technology
No employee has access to any of your data (unless you legally authorise it)
Myprotector facilitates cloud access to your elected executor when you pass away
Protected by a Myprotector registration number, security code and verification code


What we do with your data?
When you pass away, Myprotector helps your executor and financial advisor by providing them with information that you have a PCV where your essential information is stored for deceased estate purposes. Once a death certificate is produced by your family, by law, Myprotector collaborates with your key contacts to ensure they have access to your data.

What assurance do you have that your data will be available to your family when you pass away?
You collaborate with your key contacts so they are aware of your PCV and have access to the data they provide you. Myprotector works closely with your key contacts so that everyone is able to have a point of contact if tragedy strikes. You will be able to notify your key contacts that you have this PCV and how to reach us.

What type of data is not something we need or want on the PCV?
We don't collect any secretive information, pin codes or passwords. We don't hold funds and we don't invest funds on your behalf. We simply need to make sure that your family and executor will be able to find your essential information when legally winding-up your deceased estate. We will ensure that your legacy and testimony is recorded on a family archive and will make sure your advisors have what they need to get your policies paid out.

Myprotector systems are secured by:

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