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Automated deceased estate management system.

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Managing 'late estate'


How it Works

Myprotector's built-in deceased estate management system converts estate wind-up procedures into a set of high-priority tasks that are delegated through a management tools to ensure the successful collection of information between an executor and a family.

Any standard documentation and notifications are instantly disseminated to their respective end points. By doing this, we help your executor with the initial tasks they would normally perform to safe guard your family from any possible costs or penalties. This amazing software ensures that there are no loose ends that could cost your family down the line.

Any standard deceased estate procedure tasks are pre-loaded into the management software and are automatically transmitted by the system to your family, thus increasing the speed of collecting information. This helps your executor to reach specific performance objectives, which in turn saves more money for your family in the long run.

Your family will get an estate management web portal which opens a link to a management dashboard enabling your family to follow your executor’s progress, keeping everything on track and on schedule. The dashboard also makes it easier for any of the executor’s paralegal staff to deal with your family’s queries by viewing and querying the progress of your deceased estate, online, in a matter of minutes.