Why is myprotector designed for the modern person?

The old view of what a family is has changed. New solutions are needed to satisfy new demands on a global and technological scale. The old way of doing business includes archaic processes and long established service providers who cannot compete in a market place where people's demands require them to re-engineer their entire business model. The modern person is far more knowledgeable about matters surrounding new and innovative solutions and have a need for new up-to-date solutions that work to enhance their lives and that of the people around them - on a global scale.

We offer our products and services to the modern person because:
1. They are globally dispersed and need a global deceased estate solution that works with their distant family.
2. They understand that technology will save time, cut out unnecessary costs and enhance performance.
3. There are more and more single parents who need external and stable solutions for their children.
4. They expect technology to organise and automate their defined strategies with one click of a button.
5. They have the know-how and means to connect with other family members online – globally.
6. There are more and more single-person households who need a strategy to manage their death.
7. They need specialised modern products that grow, adapt and automate with the times.
8. They want modern benefits that support their global lifestyles and instant flexibility to manage their lives.
9. They recognise that wealth is not only financial and want their lives to be remembered by future generations.
10. They also want their premium to be pooled with like-minded people so there is limited cross-subsidisation risk.

If the above describes you, then our financial wellbeing community is designed specifically for you.