The main planning objectives are these:
To know how to create wealth over time and secure your assets.
To plan on a proper specialised and digitally secure platform.
To plan with the latest available knowledge and financial solutions.
To plan all financial areas of your life to be certain that your foundation is solid.
To plan without excluding your chosen advisors or people of influence.
To plan with the end in mind so you don’t ever have to worry about it.
To learn how to reduce unnecessary deceased estate liability costs, TAX and estate duty.
To create and preserve your personal legacy (the emotional assets).
To make sure all your financial information is securely available when tragedy strikes.
To make sure your data is linked to your executor to help your family when tragedy strikes.



By completing this initial strategy, you would have learnt the following:

1 - How the financial wellbeing community works.
2 - Experience the private cloud vault (PCV) platform and how it was designed for you.
3 - Find out about the main foundational services you will receive.
4 - Understood the basics and what the aims are for your wealth building.

Duration: Go at your own pace!

Welcome email with instructions 5 Min
Opt-in to this PCV financial wellbeing email sequence 25 Min
Start the financial wellbeing course TIME
QUICK OVERVIEW: Why we built this financial wellbeing community? No time limit
Understand your private cloud vault (PCV) No time limit
Understand the different sections of your vault No time limit
Understand your 5 FREE PCV's for your family No time limit
Understand how to get advice or help No time limit
Learn about your FREE legal documents No time limit
Understand the estate report that you build No time limit
Understand your myICE service and do the Demo No time limit
Learn about our affiliate program No time limit
Learn about deceased estate services agreements No time limit
Learn about personal estate assessments No time limit
Understand the family heritage archive No time limit
Ongoing education  
Get monthly news feeds No time limit
Get personal planning strategy to follow No time limit
Get the latest financial, estate and heritage articles each month No time limit
Your personal financial wellbeing guides will show you how to use your PCV to build the best plan for your life. Your ongoing learning will continue beyond this foundational course so look out for your monthly emails and follow the
education to build a great financial future.

We hope you enjoy the process going forward.