Your estate and deceased estate services policy

Prevent long estate winding-up procedures, unknown policy information, lack of
estate funding and disproportionate taxes that can dilute your estate.

Consider these problems

The laws of succession fulfil an important economic function as it regulates the transfer of our wealth upon death. Similarly it also plays a very important social function associated particularly with maintaining and protecting our families.

  We know that professional administration of deceased estates not only addresses the inevitable consequences of death but it also ensures the continuation of quality of life.

Our dreams, hopes and aspirations should be preserved for the benefit of our families and loved ones. When a person comes to the end of his or her life, everything that remains of his or her assets after debts, other obligations and administration costs have been paid, passes by inheritance to people qualified to succeed him or her. The objective should therefore be to leave to our loved ones an estate that is as close to debt free as is possible.

Estate planning as well as deceased estate administrative procedures, are often bewildering, obscure and stressful for everyone involved. What’s more, a mistake or a lack of relevant information and know-how can be costly for your family if no formal roll-out plan is laid out.

Estate planning data platform

Standard deceased estate services

Myprotector is a fully automated series of services that begin after your passing away. It's the only technology that brings together all the different aspects of estate planning and deceased estate administration in one strategic solution. The estate platform and all its benefits form the foundation of your estate plan. Remember that your entire life becomes part of your deceased estate when you pass away.

24/7 support centre
The services are linked to your financial and emergency planning data to be used when they pass away. Our custom made technology automates and manages the required admin tasks.
Case manager
As soon as you pass away, the Myprotector case manager automatically freezes your account. The case manager then facilitates all the necessary tasks needed to manage the deceased estate that fall outside the responsibility of an executor. This acts as a third party to safe guard the roll-out strategy on behalf of the family.
Emergency data extraction
The case manager sets about extracting all the deceased estate data that was compiled by you and your assigned advisor to deliver on the solutions of the deceased estate service required by your executor.
Emergency notification service
The platform has a unique built-in notification system that manages the communication between you, me, your executor and your family. This ensures efficient handling of all relevant notifications/updates that need to be made.
The case manager will immediately contact the elected nominated person in order to act as the go-between and to reassure your family. At the same time, the case manager will notify your advisor and your employer so that they can arrange your pension pay out to your family.
Family Report
A dossier of all the estate data and all the tasks that the case manager performed on behalf of the family is then handed to the family for their use and that of your executor.

Unique deceased estate services

The custom made deceased estate technology gives executors your data to wind-up your affairs in the most efficient and cost-effective way. .

Deceased estate wind-up management system
The custom made deceased estate technology gives executors the management tools to wind up your affairs in the most efficient and cost effective way. We carry out comprehensive executor performance audits to ensure that our executors can offer your family the best service and that the estate wind-up improves by up to 60%
Myprotector executor Services 1
If your deceased estate is deemed to be worth LESS than R250 000, a Myprotector's executor will wind-up your affairs for free.
Myprotector executor services 2
The appointment of a professional executor to perform all the statutory duties associated with the winding-up of an estate is one of the most important functions taken care of by the drafting of a Will. The nominated executor in the Will must amongst other important functions ensure that your estate is distributed among beneficiaries in accordance with your wishes. Myprotector offers its executor services as part of the service offerings. If you have chosen us as your executor, we will discount our fees to your family. Your platform will help you with this issue.
Myprotector policy pay-out (ONLY applicable if a policy is sold)
If you chose the Myprotector Deceased Estate life assurance policy, the pay-out will be ceded to your ‘Late estate’ to provide the necessary funding to support the winding-up of your deceased estate. This life assurance policy could also be purchased by other life assurance companies and the pay-out could still be ceded to the estate in the same way. Once a death certificate is issued, Myprotector begins the task of arranging for the life assurance policy to be paid out. Your financial advisor is provided with all the required information so that they can instruct the life assurer to effect the pay out to the nominated beneficiary.

If you fail to plan properly, your family will suffer these issues:

1 - Heirs won't get their full inheritance because your plans are not up-to-date or in-line with the high court procedures.
2 - Your heirs will be subject to the courts decision as to any inheritance which might not land up being what you wanted.
3 - Deceased estate carries too much debt so your assets have to be sold by law, leaving your family with less to inherit.
4 - Unnecessary Tax, Estate Duty, Capital Gains and VAT are paid which will reduce your estate value, leaving much less.
5 - Children are not considered so the courts decide their future, thus placing them under enormous pressure to survive this world.
6 - An executor's fees can be extremely costly even if you have very little in the way of assets.
7 - Your executor is not monitored so they could drag their heels, which costs your estate and leaves your family struggling.
8 - It could take your family a long time to find out that you have died, if no formal emergency strategy is in place.
9 - Family members are thrown into chaos when a death occurs and everything gets confusing as they try to administer your affairs.
10 - Your life is forgotten about and future generations will never know about you, leaving future generations guessing about you.

The deceased estate services policy

Myprotector is a fully automated series of services that begin after your death. It's the only technology that brings together all the different aspects of estate planning and deceased estate administration in one strategic solution.

Estate Platform
The estate platform and all its benefits form the foundation of you estate plan. Remember that your entire life becomes part of your deceased estate when you pass away.

Policy premium

The Myprotector estate planning service is ONLY available through Myprotector or an accredited financial advisor.

R120.00 per month
(Level premium policy)

Buy this service from within your Financial Planner software

What does a Service Policy mean?
When you pass away Myprotector will provide standard call centre services to your family and will also pay for some unique services, specifically related to the event, up to certain limits. There is no lump sum cash payout associated with this services policy.

Features and Benefits of this Deceased Estate Services Policy

- Your exclusive estate planning software is worth R265 000
- Total value of standard services policy rendered is unlimited
- Total value of unique services policy rendered up to R30 000
- No medicals required
- Minimum entry age of 18, maximum entry age of 65
Standard callcentre protection starts from day 1
- Unique cost payments carry a waiting period of 6 months
- R60 p/m Discount if you buy all the Myprotector services upfront
- 10% Cash back after 5 years of unbroken monthly contributions
- 20% Cash forward at death if unbroken monthly contributions
- No annual services fee increases
Accumulative Annual Thresholds:
0 - 6
7 - 12
Year +
R 0
R 10 000
R 20 000
R 30 000

Safety and confidentiality first

Myprotector secures your information

Myprotector is governed by the Treating Customers Fairly Act (TCF Act) (TCF) and uses the Long term Life Assurance Act (Act No.52 of 1998) to secure your personal information. This means we take you and your information very seriously. Our focus will never be to spam people (Spam Policy) and we operate with fair terms and conditions (T's & C's). We work with Life Assurers, Life Risk Underwriters, UMA's and Re-Insurers. This keeps us on our toes and always vigilant about keeping ourselves secure and your data protected.

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