The Modern Legal Will Process

Attorney assisted procedure


1. Once you have chosen to do a Legal Will, click on the 'FREE MODERN WILL' button which will open up a word document template.

2. Complete the Legal Will information as much as possible and tyhen follow the provided instructions to email it to our fiduciary department for drafting by one of our legal team members.

3. After we have your new or reviewed document ready, we will have a follow up phone or video consultation with you regarding changes that you would like to make as well as any changes we recommend.

4. Once the document has been finalised, we will contact you to have the documents officially signed OR we will show you how to sign them yourself - legally.

5. When you need to make additional adjustments, please contact us to make the necessary arrangements.

Modern Wills for Life's Major Changes

Purchasing a new home? Starting a family? Wanting to be remembered by future generations? Whether you are just starting out, single with kids, married with kids, getting ready to retire or wanting to record your family's history, an estate and legal plan is the ONLY legal way to achieve the goals you have.

The Myprotector MODERN LEGAL WILL gives you access to expert legal help so you can navigate life's big moments confidently. A legal plan can assist when you are:

Buying, renting, or selling a home and need to have contracts, deeds, and purchase agreements reviewed. 
Starting a family and need to create wills and estate planning documents, or needing to manage business risks and reducing estate taxes to protect your family.
Needing a simple solution to manage an emergency when you can't speak for yourself.
Wanting to protect your kids if they are mentally incapacitated or if you want to protect your kids inheritance from themselves.

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  We are the FIRST to offer a specialised Modern Legal Will
and heritage archive in SA since 2000.

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