How we create and execute
your customised plan

Our team will prepare your tailored plan with the exact steps you need to get the results you want for a life you love. We’ve done this formula 1,000+ times and know how to focus so you get everything you need and nothing you don’t, all done with our in-house team and network of legal and financial experts. We've built a 12-step strategy and estate plan for you to use, so you can build your best life, knowing that your legal affairs are all in order.

Where there's legal, financial and heritage work to do - we'll do it for you



The process begins with the collection of your data in order to get a snapshot of your current situation. We then prepare an action plan that will be customised with your data. It takes us about 5 working days to complete the assessment and upload it to your LegalTech Vault for your viewing. You’ll work with Andrew McDonald and our strategy team to ensure that we deal with all the nuances that come with planning properly – to ensure the best plan of action possible.


Once you've receive the notification that your action plan is available to you, you will receive our email strategy to follow. During the strategy process, you will be assisted by our legal team so that you complete the recommendations as laid out by our fiduciary department.

You get the peace of mind that comes from a holistic implementation process and knowing that we’re doing most of the heavy lifting for you.


Where necessary, our advisors will direct you for specialist advice based on the 'soft spots' with your estate planning needs. Together with our team, we will guide you through the consultation if one is required.


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