Planning process made easy!

We get you. You go big on outdoor adventures and shop at Woolies. Eventually you want to change careers, get married, have a kid, retire; but you don't want to miss out on travelling the globe. We'll help you do both without sacrificing either.

How it works:

What you do
Receive an email that explains the next planning topic on the roadmap.
Receive additional education about the subject from our specialists.
Follow any recommendations and guidance that applies to you.
What we do
A topic specific team member will prepare a solution for you @ ZERO cost.
Where necessary, our team will point you in the right direction to source specific products, services and education that you may need.
These procedures get repeated for every plan on the roadmap so you can practically & legally secure your future lifestyle.

Who makes the magic?

Our team of professionals have all been involved in the development of this planning solution in their respective legal, financial & estate planning fields, to ensure the best outcome for you and the lifestyle you want.

Life's major moments

You know you need to plan for your future but you don't know how to start and you wish someone provided the solution so you don't have to think about it.
You know that death has a cost for your family but you don't know what yours would be.
You're tired of simply living a mediocre life and want to live the life you love.
You know there are planning issues that you won't know about and would need to know what they are and how to solve them.
You wish you had one place where you can learn all about the issues you need to solve to become successful.
You are afraid that you won't know how to do the work needed to solve the financial & legal matters you will face, so you do nothing.

Purchasing a new home? Starting a family? Wanting to be remembered by future generations? Whether you are just starting out, single with kids, married with kids, getting ready to retire or wanting to record your family's history, a financial, estate and legal plan is the ONLY legal way to achieve the goals you have.

Myprotector gives you access to expert legal help so you can navigate life's big moments confidently. A legal plan can assist when you are:

Buying, renting, or selling a home and need to have contracts, deeds, and purchase agreements reviewed. 
Starting a family and need to create wills and estate planning documents, or needing to manage business risks and reducing estate taxes to protect your family.
Needing a simple solution to manage an emergency when you can't speak for yourself.
Wanting to protect your kids if they are mentally incapacitated or if you want to protect your kids inheritance from themselves.

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