Our LegalTech vaults are custom-built to manage financial, legal, estate, emergency and heritage planning affairs - more effectively.

When you subscribe to Myprotector, you get a private vault to store the locations of all your documentation for deceased estate purposes. Your LegalTech vault will be linked to your executor so your family won't have to worry about finding your information when you pass away.

The set-up process is included within the strategy course sequence alongside the rest of your planning. The way to get things done will be with the assistance from our legal team.

Myprotector client LegalTech operating model

LegalTech systems specs

100-GB of storage space per person
Data secured by Microsoft cloud technology and Myprotector SaaS technology
256-bit Azure AES encryption and is FIPS 140-2 compliant and Myprotector managed
24/7 system back-ups
SSL and mySQL database technology
No Myprotector employee has access to any of your client's data (unless you legally authorise it)
Myprotector facilitates all relevant services as per the benefits matrix
Data protected by a Myprotector registration number, security code and verification code

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  We are the FIRST to offer a specialised Modern Legal Will
and heritage archive in SA since 2000.

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