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Serving more people - more often

Automating new service request strategies into your business is an absolute must. No business can survive without a way to prospect clients, and it seems to be the one thing that people struggle with the most. Finding new clients is difficult to do when they are hiding behind social media barriers.

Your business remains stagnant until you start prospecting for new customers. So! It's the number one strategy to implement and the only way to reach new people. Successful enterprises have systems built into the fabric of their business with tools to work with so that prospecting is effective and automated and NOT sales-focused but rather education-focused.

An important reason for continued client acquisition is because of attrition, due to death, cancellations or divorce etc. The net effect is a reduction of clients and loss of income unless you have a steady stream of new clients.

We believe that adding a passive income element to your practice will provide you with the opportunity to focus less on an hourly income strategy, thus allowing you to serve the community more effectively.

Who You'll Work With

The Myprotector Group is building a network of service providers in South Africa to serve our members with services relating to Legal & Estate Planning. Our goal is to promote our legal plans and have our network of advisors deliver the services for us.

At the same time, we will subsidise your service fees where you serve our clients for services outside of the list of services.

How the network process works?

Collaboration is the key to success

Increased revenue | Greater market share | Reduced operating costs | No client acquisition costs

Initiated by our attorneys, the Myprotector technology is designed to automatically promote the business and all its services to a new network of clients. Each business partner will therefore have access to a new list of clients to build their practice.
You will have an opportunity to consult to a Myprotector client where there is no direct service offering available to them. At the same time, you will be able to network with other Myprotector attorneys in your area or in other provinces if the need arises. Some of the attorney fees are subsidised by Myprotector to make the consultations more affordable for each client.
Your own unique service offerings can be built into the fabric of the technology to promote client education and you can consult with your clients when they select the 'Get Advice' section for help. The system also allows for free LegalTech platforms from your clients' account and will steer them towards the Myprotector services which they will purchase through you.
Our platform receives requests for services on an ongoing basis due to nature of our business strategy. These leads will be forwarded to you so that you can promote the Myprotector services or where you offer services outside of the Myprotector services suite.

Grow your customer base as part of our network of service providers.

100% We choose the attorneys in our network based on service offerings and location to ensure our clients have a team at hand 100% of the time.

Myprotector LegalTech management dashboard

Myprotector educates clients and drives them to your business where your services are available.

How our platform operates

Digital transformation technology to stay ahead of our competitors
A unique product and services platform technology
Multiple service offerings are visible when clients decide on solutions
A CRM solution to manage client interactions and advice
The digital education and client solution roll-out strategy
Automated advice generating solution via the client education hub
Additional policy enhancing services to embellish our service offerings
A simple new and existing client onboarding funnel
Automated client network builder that instantly bring you new leads
A digital solution to manage queries from outside sources

Our business drives our clients to our partners' services

Client LegalTech

Myprotector customises a LegalTech for each client. As a business partner, we include the following into our clients' vault:

1 - Your business logo is carried throughout the LegalTech platform
2 - Your head shot appears on all 52 database forms and 'Get Advice' sections
3 - Your topic specific educational articles sit on all your database forms
4 - Your contact details are visible when a client needs advice
5 - Your LegalTech is labeled with your details only
6 - Your branding from your own business partners
7 - A call to actions on every database form
8 - Links to your own quoting system
9 - Links to your own website for additional networking
10 - A customised database section for your own purposes

A client template example:

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