Voluntary group participation

South Africa is made up of millions of self-employed and small businesses. The difficulty for these enterprises is that they aren't able to get benefits and services at group rates and are thus subjected to high premiums and less benefits.

Amid this difficulty, it is necessary for us to offer resources, like estate and legal plans, that help them navigate the nuance rules of will writing and having legal services offered to them at affordable rates.

  Why estate protection?

By having access to a voluntary group scheme, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll be prepared when tragedy strikes.

Finances are often closely tied to financially driven legal needs. When self-employed people with legal problems hesitate to consult an attorney because they fear they can’t afford legal representation, productivity suffers.

With a group estate & legal plan from Myprotector, you reap the benefits of having affordable, quality legal services readily available.

What's the way forward?

For the self-employed, voluntary group legal plans empower them to deal with their personal legal matters quickly and affordably, relieving the stress and expense of dealing with legal matters and ultimately meeting their needs.

So, the question as a small business owner becomes 'How do I assist my employees so that it actually helps them and their family?'

Estate plans for the self-employed

When people feel confident that their estate is correctly prepared, they take comfort in knowing that they have done their part to ensure their wishes are carried out and their family is provided for – no matter what comes their way.

While organisational-oriented benefits are more traditional structures for benefits, many medium to small enterprises are finding consumer-oriented benefits are of equally high value to employees, are typically more flexible, and also more affordable.

Estate and legal plans | FAQ's

Firstly! Is it affordable?  

Yes. Myprotector has structured its own inhouse legal service offerings and negotiated benefits in the legal industry to be able to offer the estate and legal plans at group benefit rates to ensure that everyone can benefit from the services.

Will it protect members of their family as well as themselves?  

Yes! Myprotector offers 3 solutions. myPRO1 for single people or single parents. myPRO2 for married couples. myPRO3 for the entire family (max 6 people). Each person will receive the full benefits as a stand-alone client.

Is the estate and legal plan portable if members leave the employment?  

Yes! Everyone will be able to continue with their estate and legal plan if they are no longer self-employed or stop working for a small business.

How does the plan compare with other legal plans?  

Myprotector is a very innovative company and prides itself on offering great solutions in unique but effective ways. Our approach is to link key role players in the industry together and to structure benefits and services to help the majority of middle to lower income groups with all their legal matters.

Does it include ongoing estate, legal and heritage preservation education?  

Yes! Myprotector has a built-in education hub as well as an ongoing planning strategy that guides employees through the maze of information. The platform allows each employee a way to access help where they need personalised education or assistance.

Is there a waiting period for benefits?  

No! Everyone will be be able to enjoy the services from the day they are activated.

Are there co-payment services and how would they be claimed?  

Yes, These are services that the firm of attorneys who are networked to Myprotector and who offer our subscribers specialist services over and above the fundamental services that are offered by Myprotector. Myprotector will subsidise the cost of services offered by our network providers up to certain maximums.

How does the estate and legal plan work?  

Starting is easy. You simply complete the online payment gateway (or employees do it as a group) and then fill in a short application form. The system takes them through the rest of the steps. Once activated, each person will receive an emailed planning strategy that provides them about the estate and legal services and education. Every now and then, we will provide you with ZERO COST services to help you secure a proper estate plan with all the basic legal document. This is a guided process and the work is done by qualified attorneys at no charge. A full description about how it all works is found on the main web page.

Is the plan stand-alone and voluntary or will it be included into existing benefits?  

The Myprotector estate and legal plans are stand-alone benefits. However, a company may wish to include them into their existing employee benefit package if they wish to.

Can people cancel their plan at anytime?  

Yes! There is no problem with canceling at any time. However, Myprotector will engage with the person to make certain that they understand the risks of doing so.

How will the plan support the self-employed or small business?  

When an person passes away, our legal team will need to be notified alongside pension fund administrators etc. Myprotector has a dedicated call centre that instantly notifies the employer, any advisors, executors or pension fund administrators. We collaborate with all key role-players.

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Ernest & Young (EY) research highlights how the pandemic has increased consumer demand for products that feature more financial protections and emphasize physical and mental well-being. Worker benefits won’t necessarily address all of these needs, but packages can be structured to more deliver the outcomes consumers are seeking (e.g., more financial security, less psychological stress).