Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I die?

When you pass away, Myprotector will help your family by providing them with all that you have placed on your cloud platform. The Myprotector case manager automatically freezes your account. The case manager then facilitates all the necessary tasks needed to manage your information and safeguards the roll-out strategy on behalf of the family.

The platform has a unique built-in notification system that manages the communication between you, us, your executor and your family. This ensures efficient handling of all relevant notifications/updates that need to be made.

The case manager sets about confirming who your advisor is and who the appointed executor is and then allows these people access to your essential information for deceased estate purposes.

A dossier of all the administrative tasks performed by a Myprotector case manager on behalf of the family is then handed to your family for their use and that of your executor.

You are asking for a lot of personal financial information, how do I know you won't get hacked and my info gets stolen?

Myprotector protects and secures your personal information and allows every person an option to secure their personal information on a 256-bit encryption cloud platform through Microsoft Azure (Please visit the 'Security' tab on the website for more details).

We do not hold funds and we only store the information you are comfortable with sharing. Our focus is to take you and your information very seriously and is only used to deliver on the services you obtain through our policies and is never sold or given to anyone or any other organisation.

We operate and are subject to all the legislative requirements from treating customers fairly, spam policies and data protection rules.

What happens to my information if I choose not to renew my subscription?

You have the option to decide not to renew some or all of the services that you are subscribed to. If you choose to have us delete your entire account then that is also possible.

However, you will have an option to switch your account over to our hold package which keeps your information on the cloud and completely protected. There is a very small monthly fee. 

We would then keep all your data, records, documents, and other account information in place until you're ready to start back up!

Please note: When you re-enter your account, you will enter at the prevailing rate at that time. No services will be rendered during the hold package while you are still around. However, if your account is on hold and you do pass away, we will still forward all your information to your elected executor (a fee for the data will be charged for and claimed from the 'Late Estate'). At this time, we will not perform any of the unique services available to you on any of the services agreements.

Will I have access to a deceased estate wind-up service when I die?

Yes! If your deceased estate is deemed to be valued less than 1 Million, then we offer all our members an opportunity to subscribe to our unique Estate Protector Plan services. This agreement means that we do not charge for executor, conveyancing attorneys and other fees, but have all the fees included at a small monthly fee. Our Estate Protector Agreement will outperform all life assurance policies in terms of both price and benefits.

How will Myprotector know I have passed away and to release my information?

As part of the education as a client, we teach the importance of letting family members and close friends know that you have a Myprotector private cloud vault and that they should notify us when you pass away.

Myprotector also allows you to notify key individuals from within the platform and the correspondence includes the necessary wording to inform them of your intentions. Added to this, Myprotector offers an additional FREE serviced called myICE and its purpose is to be your voice when you can’t speak for yourself.

This unique service allows first responders access to your critical information and is linked to our online support service which is automatically notified that you are in a critical situation. Our support service will notify your elected nominated person to inform your loved ones of the event.

What is a private cloud vault?

Contrary to the quickly growing public cloud model, a private cloud requires an IT department to perform maintenance and upkeep. Establishing your private cloud can be costly and requires an investment in the infrastructure required to develop and maintain a cloud environment.

As part of the Microsoft value proposition, the private cloud is as follows: “Also, private clouds deliver a higher level of security and privacy through both company firewalls and internal hosting to ensure operations and sensitive data are not accessible to third-party providers.”

Am I locked into a long term contract?

No. You are free to come and go as you please. The risk of placing your account on hold or canceling it outright means that no unique services will be rendered and your re-entry will be at the new prevailing rate.

Quick Q's & A's

Is Myprotector totally independent and can I use it without any conflict of interest?  

Yes! We have no dealings with other enterprises that cause us to only promote their services and products. We will work for the public and allow our clients to use the private cloud vault for all their data no matter what organisation it comes from. That way their executor can access everything from a single place.

How does Myprotector position itself alongside social media and business solutions?  

We offer our clients a private and secure vault that only caters to their more essential information when an executor needs to wind-up their estate. We also house the family's history and preserve it for their future generations on a private heritage archive. The information we collect is the clients more serious side of their life and the information they wish their loved ones to remember them by.

Can I link my own executor to my vault and my data for so they can wind-up my deceased estate?  

Yes! We are not prescriptive in this regard. The vault is your private storage account and your executor will have access to all your information for deceased estate purposes. We do however offer executor services should a client not have someone of their own.

Can I include all my essential information from different life assurers, short term insurers and investment houses?  

Yes absolutely! We are independent and unbiased which means that we don't dictate which or your organisations we allow and which we don't. We accept essential information from anyone (Legally) you have dealings with.

Can I use Myprotector if I have business dealings with multiple life companies, investors and banks?  

Yes! You can simply include the private cloud vault as an extension to your planning. Because we don't sell life cover or do investments etc, we are not in competition with anyone. So, it's easy to use our vault solution without fear of conflict of interest.

Do I have to have a financial advisor and/or an executor to get a Myprotector's private vault?  

No! We simply offer you a private cloud vault to store your essential information. When the time comes for your deceased estate to be wound-up, we will look for an executor who you may have appointed in your will. However, if you did not have an executor, the high court will appoint someone who applies (Could be family member) and we will then allow this appointed person access to your information so that they can proceed with your deceased estate affairs.

Will Myprotector work with any of my advisors if they are the ones who will wind-up my estate?  

Yes! We will work with any high court appointed executor.

Can I link my financial advisor to my vault so they can help my beneficiaries when i pass away?  

Yes! It's a good idea to arrange for this from the beginning. That way we include them during your life and help facilitate the relationship so that your plans are as you would have wanted.

Is Myprotector private cloud vault a stand-alone solution or linked to another service provider?  

Yes! We are stand-alone enterprise because we did not wish to be dictated to or forced to promote products and services that client might not want to know about. Our clients will find their own solutions and simply add the details into their private cloud vault in preparation for their future.

Can I cancel my account at anytime?  

Yes! Not a problem. As per the terms and conditions we simply need to be notified a month in advance. There is a full description about this in the FAQ's in the footer of the website.

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