Join the new generation legal network.

Grow your South African client base with referrals from our business and our clients.

The more we grow, the more you do to.


Building a network of attorneys to serve our clients

This opportunity is NOT designed for everyone, except those of you who are passionate and serious about helping others get their personal affairs in order.

Our community mission & values

Do you believe the following?

People must have a legal will drafted and it should be done by a qualified person and not a DIY solution, and it must be free.
People must have a safe digital place to store the details of their data so that their executor can access it when they pass away to remove that burden from loved ones.
People must be able to access a suite of legal & estate services throughout their life, without paying excessive attorney fees or any financial advisor commissions.
People must have easy access to personal legal & estate planning education for their life needs, so that they can learn what's important for their situation.
* People must have their deceased estate wound-up without their family having to pay any executor fees and other costs up to certain limits.
* People must have their property transferred in their deceased estate without their family having to pay any conveyancing fees up to certain limits.
People must secure alternative recurring income to build a financial future they love. And, that income must be passed on to support future generations.
AND! All of this shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. A fixed fee for the rest of their lives should be offered.

If you said YES to the above, then you would be the kind of person we wish to have on our side.

Free for estates valued up to R1.5 Million

Get executor referrals

What if our client's estate is valued above R1.5 million?

In that instance, after the first R1.5 million discount, Myprotector will appoint our network of attorneys as the executor on the deceased estate at a discounted fee of 3% up to an estate value limit of R10 million.
Get conveyancing referrals

When we have a property in an estate that needs transfer

Myprotector will appoint our network of conveyancing attorneys to assist with the transfer. We will link you to the applicable executor of the estate that requires your services.
Get legal consulting referrals

Add your services to our list

Myprotector will add services for our clients to access based on our attorney's skills and offerings. We will negotiate the fees with you and provide our clients with a co-payment pricing model to assist them.
Get additional recurring income

Earn by introducing people to our legal & estate plans

Simply by introducing people to the Myprotector group legal & estate plans via social media, and when they subscribe, we'll pay you an annualised recurring income for the rest of your life.


We're building a network to serve our new generation clients

If you would like to get involved,
but have a few further questions.

Important Note:

To receive more information from one of our
team members, please complete this quick form.

How to .join ?.


Understand the below terms & conditions.

If you are a South African
only, click on the 'Become a Member' link and complete the profile application form.


Pay a business account annual membership fee of R1100 p/a.

Once payment is received, a Myprotector team leader will contact you to set-up the rest of your account.

1 - Receive new business leads from our growing client base.

2 - Immediately start earning a recurring income if you introduce people to our legal & estate plans.

100% We choose the attorneys in our network based on service offerings and location to ensure our clients have a team at hand 100% of the time.

  What network attorneys get:

- Recurring income for introducing people to our legal & estate plans.
- Executor fees for our member's larger estates.
- Conveyancing fees for our member's deceased estates.
- Get referrals from us to grow your consulting services.
- Add your expertise to our product development services list.
- Access other professionals and build your network.


  Receive an additional recurring income +

Myprotector offers self-employed attorneys and paralegals in South Africa an opportunity to build an additional recurring lifestyle income.

Simply by introducing people to the Myprotector group legal & estate plans via social media, and when they subscribe, we'll pay you an annualised recurring income for the rest of your life.

+ As members, you will be able to leave your new passive income to those you love as an inheritance - Finally, a legacy of your own!

Who you'll work with

The Myprotector Group is building a network of service providers in South Africa to serve our members with services relating to Legal & Estate Planning.

Our goal is to promote our legal plans and provide additional legal representation to our clients via our network of attorneys.


Get a financial action plan (Optional)

When we work with you, we understand the trust you place in us, not only to achieve your objectives but also in the faith you have that we will deliver them in the most effective manner possible.

Follow our quick assessment strategy and our team of financial experts will provide you with a personal assessment of what you need to be financially independent - easy peasy!

See the Action Plan


Terms & Conditions

When do I start?  

Once you have completed the application and paid the annual membership fee of R1100 you will receive an acceptance letter from us that includes all your business tools.

Thereafter, your mission is to encourage people to join our firm and having their legal and estate affairs put in order. That way, when tragedy strikes, they will have a paid for solution that protects their family.

What makes this opportunity more effective than any others?  


What you are selling, is a way for people to get their financial and legal affairs in order. This is something people must do in any event. So! You are really doing a good thing.

By being involved, you would encourage others to join through your affiliate URL link. You will then earn an annual recurring income per each person who becomes a Myprotector subscriber as long as they remain subscribers - it's that simple.

- We are NOT a multi-level marketing business (We are very much against that type of business).
- We do NOT entice you with holiday trips and fancy gifts. We are legit and only interested in helping you build a genuine business for yourself.
- We do NOT invite you to 'Salezy' meetings to trap you into a network business. (We think that's un-professional).
- Your income does NOT reduce the more you grow your business.
- Your network members DON'T have to buy insurance for you to earn.

The Myprotector lifestyle agency is one of the best value building opportunities on the market. This is because your efforts will benefit ONLY you and not anyone 'piggybacking' on your efforts. There are no uplines or downlines.

How to qualify for a business partnership account?  

We accept people who are dedicated to helping others get their affairs in order.

All partner registrations are subject to the following criteria:

1 - Self-employed attorneys and paralegals who will promote legal and estate services in South Africa ONLY
2 - South African citizen
3 - Computer literate and have access to a computer
4 - Good understanding of social media and building networks
5 - Self starter, honest, responsible and trustworthy
6 - Have a bank account in South Africa
7 - Can work with an organisation online

8 - No criminal record or black listing etc

What's the aim of the agency partnership?  

It is designed to help people to build a business of their own and to plan their lives properly, and in so doing, benefit from an opportunity that helps them reach their goals and aspirations.

We believe that in order to uplift people you must give them the skills and solutions necessary for them to apply themselves more effectively in life.

The focus therefore should be to help develop people so that they contribute to the world in a meaningful way and have something significant to offer their immediate family and others.

How does Myprotector afford to pay commissions?  

Myprotector uses its marketing and sales budget to pay you your revenues because you have essentially done the work of networking on our behalf. Your opportunity simply means that you develop your own business and build your own client base. No more - No less.

How much can I earn from the legal & estate plans?  

All Myprotector network partners will earn revenues for people who subscribe to our Legal & Estate Plans through their partner code. Your revenue is guaranteed each year as long as the introduced person continues to pay their subscription.

Access: URL link
Commission rate: Recurring API upfront for life & beyond to beneficiaries
Cookie duration: Unlimited
Payment method: Direct deposit
Services: Legal & estate group benefits

What's really great about this opportunity is that you don't need to pre-sell any products and services before you start earning commission. You get paid from day 1 and client 1.

The second great thing is that you can leave all your income to your beneficiaries when you pass away. This is done through a family trust by our internal attorneys as part of your own estate and legal plan.

Myprotector Group commission is calculated using the following scales:
Myprotector is not subject to the regulations of the Financial Sector Conduct Authority.


These figures are per client:

1st Year and each subsequent years, a Myprotector benefit was issued on new business with a premium of R160 for an effective date 1 January 2023.

Example: Myprotector annual commission to you = R450.00 for the 1st year and R250.00 for every subsequent year thereafter for the rest of your life and beyond.

Deceased estate & ongoing
A Myprotector business partner passes away and their existing revenue streams, at the time of passing, gets transferred into the Myprotector ‘Heritage Preservation Trust’. The business partner’s beneficiaries (or charities) may access the funds for pre-defined reasons until the revenues dry-up.


For an agent's client who lapses their membership, this will result in us clawing back some of the commissions. Myprotector will recover a certain portion of the commission for that year. Each year is seen as independent from each other and clawback is done on each year’s commission only. (E.G. If a client lapses in the 7th year, then we will claw back a portion of the 7th years commissions).

We will recover commission as follows:

Myprotector commission paid x (month of lapse / 12) – Myprotector commission paid = claw back.

For example,
The Myprotector benefit was lapsed on an effective date of 31 May 2030. Applying the above formula, the recovery will be:

Myprotector recovery for 1st year = (R450.00 x 5 / 12) – R450 = - R262
Myprotector recovery from 2nd year onwards = (R250.00 x 5 / 12) – R250 = - R145

Can I lose my agency partnership?  

Yes, We will cancel your agreement if you are found to be in breach of the agreement. This would include things like fraud, criminal activity or misrepresentation etc.

Myprotector requires you to introduce a minimum of 5 new members per year to maintain your agency. Failure to do so will mean that you lose your license. However, we will discuss solutions with you as there may be circumstances that prevent you from achieving this target, and that may be out of your control.

Is there a licence fee?  

YES. There is an annual membership fee of R1100.

Our business is dependent on partners who are dedicated to the dream of growing financial and legal awareness in South Africa and bringing digital legal & estate planning to everyone. It is therefore important that our partners are committed to the cause and have a desire to help future generations.

Is Myprotector private cloud vault a stand-alone solution or linked to another service provider?  

We are a stand-alone enterprise and are not subject to promoting products and services for other service providers.

Do I have to sell estate and legal services to people?  

No! Your role is purely an introduction function. You only need to introduce people to the business and helping them get ahead in life through your affiliate URL link. Myprotector provides the rest of the work to help people with estate planning and legal expertise via the attorney networks.

You are not permitted to give financial and legal advice to anyone because that requires you to be registered in terms of the law. We don't expect you to sell our services because our inhouse fiduciary team are regulated and trained to do that. We also don't expect you to build a multi-level network because that is not something we subscribe to and we don't want you to do presentations to build a network.

Can I grow my agency into a family business?  

Yes, One of the key issues many people face is finding a way to build a future for themselves and their loved ones by working for themselves.

You can build your agency into a massive revenue family business that allows you to not have to rely on being employed by businesses that could simply cancel your employment when they need to or when you reach retirement age.

We want you to have an income for the rest of your life because we don't believe that retirement means you stop working.

Additionally, we will help you leave your revenue to your elected beneficiaries when you pass away as your legacy to help them. This bequest will be managed by the family heritage trust as shown on the family heritage archive's website.

We are committed to helping you to get out of the bad debt struggle
and to live a more effective and prosperous life.