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The laws of succession fulfil an important economic function as they regulate the transfer of your wealth upon death. We know that professional administration of deceased estates not only addresses the inevitable consequences of death but it also ensures the continuation of quality of life for the next generation.

When you come to the end of your life, everything that remains of your assets after all financial obligations have been settled passes to your beneficiaries.

The objective should, therefore, be to leave your loved ones an estate that is as close to debt-free as possible.

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When you die, the government has to know and then your life must be legally closed. That's called winding-up a deceased estate.

The courts can only listen to your wishes and instructions when you die if you have a legally accepted will.
If you don't have a legal will, the courts will decide what happens to your stuff or kids (single parent) and it will be legally binding.
Your death will also incur costs that must, by law, be paid for in cash only.
If your family doesn't have the cash, the courts will legally sell your stuff to get the money.
If that happens, your beneficiaries lose out on inheritance.
The courts will also require a layperson to appoint an executor to wind-up your estate and they will charge fees.
Then, you must make sure that there aren't any unnecessary taxes or outstanding debts to be paid.
If you don't reduce the taxes or your debts on your estate, your beneficiaries will inherit less.

This is just the start!
We will prepare all of these tasks and the other legal issues for you.

Did you know?
The high courts will insist that a lay person be assisted by a qualified executor when winding-up a deceased estate. And! This executor will charge your family the fees you were trying to avoid.

Legal Will Checking Service

We will check a will to ensure that it is drafted correctly. Whether you did a DIY or your own version, we will help to make sure none of the clauses are uncertain, invalid, or otherwise likely to fail.

If any clauses are invalid, or the will fails to meet your aims for any reason we will explain why and will offer suggestions and will amend it for you.

We will check for many issues, such as:

Failing to include default clauses that are now expected in a Will
Including conditions that are invalid, against public policy, in terrorem, or uncertain.
Failing to deal with 100% of the residue.
Instructions and preferences that are invalid or conflict with other aspects of the law

Anything that makes a legal will invalid will result in the high courts throwing it out and then deciding how your affairs will be distributed.

It's vital that you have a once-off look at the legal document to make sure that it will comply and in so doing, give you and your beneficiaries absolute peace of mind.


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