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A place to put the locations of all your planning information
Access to planning support and personal guidance
A FREE legal will and discussion with our legal team
Notification to family, employer and others when tragedy strikes
Member access to bespoke wealth building products
Free LegalTech vaults for family and friends
Safe and backed-up cloud based vault

What's included in your LegalTech vault


Planning foundation

There's a difference between the 'could' and the 'must' of personal planning. We focus on the latter because there are specific fundamental services you simply must have in your life. To build the right foundation, we come alongside you to provide you with financial, legal, estate and heritage planning services that you absolutely cannot do without if you want to protect your plans, your assets and your loved ones.

You can instantly upload all existing financial policies onto the LegalTech cloud platform. Via your login portal, your financial plan can be managed from anywhere around the globe.

Financial data

Digital financial planning is more efficient, saves time, cuts down on unnecessary costs and removes the worry of knowing what to do and how to carry out complicated planning matters, which helps you avoid sifting through all the information online.

Estate data

The simple truth is, if you don’t plan your affairs properly, your loved ones will have a mess to sort out before they are legally allowed to inherit anything.

Emergency data

Your emergency is automatically linked to the Myprotector call centre where a case manager manages your emergency alongside the first responders and communicates with your family so they become aware of your situation and can find you.

Heritage data

Myprotector created a heritage preservation trust policy to give the average person a way to benefit from having a family trust, but without the cost of creating one. This means that everyone can now benefit from the opportunities afforded to them via the legal system.



Why MyProtector?

We're on a mission to help you protect your lifestyle and the future legacy you wish to create.

Always more ways to save

With discounts on insurance and no financial advisor commissions, you get much more for the right price.

In your corner

Added value to every product & service. We include unique solutions to enhance what the typical insurer offers.

Free to connect the world

Our unique tech is 100% owned by us. We don't rely on 3rd party services that could affect our member experience.

Free administration services

When you pass away, Myprotector will help your family by providing them with all that you have placed on your vault repository. This is a wonderful family support service which is made even more precious because it’s not something you have to pay for.

24/7 family support centre service
Case manager gets assigned to your family
Notification to your listed personal contacts
dossier of deceased estate tasks get handed to your family
Your beneficiaries gets access to policy data
Your financial & legal advisors gets notified
Your estate executor gets access to ALL data
Notification to your listed employer



  Free master wealth strategy

The best way to experience the financial planning strategy is by following this 'common sense approach to planning' training series which is designed to teach you all about the platform and the financial planning issues that will affect your life.

Enjoy courses and free educational videos that are designed to help you upskill and ensure that your plans are done correctly and effectively for your goals and aspirations.

Support & Guidance

The best results come from a team of highly skilled professionals who decide to share their knowledge to help our members get ahead. When we work with you, we understand the trust you place in us, not only to achieve your objectives but also in the faith you have that we will deliver them in the most effective manner possible.

Members have access to the right team of experts to tackle your problems and to steer you through any given situation as and when needed.

LegalTech systems specs

Your private vault will be linked to your elected executor and key contacts so your family won't have to worry about finding your information when you pass away.

100-GB of storage space per person
Data secured by Microsoft cloud PaaS technology
256-bit Azure AES encryption and is FIPS 140-2 compliant
24/7 system back-ups
SSL and mySQL database technology
No Myprotector employee has access to any client data
Myprotector facilitates all relevant services as per the agreements
Data protected by member number, security and verification code



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  We are the FIRST to offer a family heritage archive
with your lifestyle plans since 2000.

The MyProtector Membership Agreement is provided by MyProtector Group (Pty) Ltd (Reg. No 2023/725775/07). LegalTech is a specialist cloud platform since 2003 and is wholly owned by MyProtector Group (Pty) Ltd. The information provided on the website is not intended to be legal or financial advice.