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We believe in leveraging expertise to engage and educate modern consumers, thus enabling us to operate a fast-growing global partnership business through innovative technologies and modern services.

Connecting ecosystems with the public

Increased revenue | Greater market share | Reduced operating costs | No client acquisition costs

Initiated by our marketing team, the Myprotector technology is purposefully-designed to automatically promote businesses and all their services to a new network of clients. Each client will receive a sponsored planning vault to use as a personal planner, alongside some critical administrative services. The planning platform is there to ensure all education solutions get applied to a clients lifestyle - correctly.
Every new client will receive a planning education strategy to follow. The rolled-out planning strategy will guide them through the nuances of financial, legal and estate planning.
Our partners' service offerings are built into the fabric of the technology to provide client education and solutions. Each client has access to the 'Get Advice' section, available to them in each planning template. All our template categories provide clients with services and products so they can receive support and a better understanding of the issues that need to be solved.
Our platform receives requests for services on an ongoing basis due to the nature of our business strategy. These leads will be forwarded to our business partners so that they can promote their services via the appropriate sales team members.

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of our network of service providers.

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Innovate is proud to be associated with Myprotector. Our goal is to create an environment where like-minded individuals, corporations and institutions connect, learn and support each other. It all begins with showcasing you and your business by way of our INNOVATE book series.



Myprotector management dashboard

Myprotector educates clients and drives them to your business where your services are available.

How our platform operates

Digital transformation technology to stay ahead of our competitors
A unique product and services platform technology
Multiple service offerings are visible when clients decide on solutions
A CRM solution to manage client interactions and advice
The digital education and client solution roll-out strategy
Automated advice generating solution via the client education hub
Additional policy enhancing services to embellish our service offerings
A simple new and existing client onboarding funnel
Automated client network builder that instantly bring you new leads
A digital solution to manage queries from outside sources

Our business drives our clients to our partners' services

Client base

Use this section to download all relevant documents related to your clients such as insurance, pension, medical, identity, investments etc and any agreements between you and the client.

Launch codes

This area will be used to create your financial planning landing page and link or “Launch Code” for your clients to use. Through this unique Launch Code the Myprotector technology will recognise the client as being linked to you and will track any further communications such as marketing material, financial educational material and advise records etc.

Recurring revenues

There are various revenue streams that will drive your business success. The Myprotector digital platform allows you to generate additional revenue through various services. The automated flow of obtaining new leads and revenue means that your digital business creates instant returns with very little effort.

Lead generation

Anytime a client contacts you via their Financial Planner with a query it will be displayed here. This area thus provides a quick overview of “Open Leads” that need to be dealt with and will show any leads that have already been dealt with.

Needs evaluations

The needs analysis not only identifies financial risks for the client, but also gives you the opportunity to remedy the situation and to record the outcome of the consultation through a "client advice record” for compliance purposes.

Communication hub

This area provides you with the tools to communicate directly to one individual client or to several clients simultaneously. Because it goes directly to the clients Financial Planner it encourages your clients to use and be more interactive with the technology and yourself.

Education hub

Education is the key to successful financial planning. This area allows you to upload pre-defined educational articles to any area of the planner for your client to review to assist them with any particular subject. It also allows for links to your website or to other links where you choose to reveal further education.

Agency force

Myprotector is committed to helping people to realise their full potential and truly believes that each one of us has a gift to offer the World. We aim to show our members how to best capitalise on the planning fundamentals and we pride ourselves on our ability to help people earn additional income and to build a business that supports their personal and family vision.

System performance

The Myprotector technology automatically measures the break even and the total rand value of services offered to your clients. In addition to this, it will also measure the return on investments, client satisfaction and the sustainability and security of the technology.

Client planning platform

Myprotector customises a LegalTech for each client. As a business partner, we include the following into our clients' vault:

1 - Your business logo is carried throughout the LegalTech platform
2 - Your head shot appears on all 52 database forms and 'Get Advice' sections
3 - Your topic specific educational articles sit on all your database forms
4 - Your contact details are visible when a client needs advice
5 - Your LegalTech is labeled with your details only
6 - Your branding from your own business partners
7 - A call to actions on every database form
8 - Links to your own quoting system
9 - Links to your own website for additional networking
10 - A customised database section for your own purposes

A client template example:

'Without marketing automation, you are just guessing—just hoping that people will take the bait and be ready to buy your products. Statistics show that buyers don’t do that. They want to learn at their own pace and be reached when they need more information or are ready to buy. A well-constructed marketing automation strategy makes that a reality.'

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs