freedom plan.

The key to success is a customised plan. Get your own financial lifestyle assessment to find out what you personally need to do to achieve financial independence and find out how much inheritance you save your loved ones when you pass away.



We go beyond 'old school' ways of building a financial and estate future we're the new norm.

Financial independence is a wonderful thing - if you can hold onto it.

Do you have your basic financial, legal & estate plans in place, and do you know what they are?

Get your online financial lifestyle assessment, and together with our hands-on fiduciary specialists, we will produce a practical action plan for you to use as a benchmark to build the financial future you want for yourself.

Our mission is to provide you with the technology and strategy you need to secure your financial future, by guiding and educating you about the many issues you will face in life.



Receive solutions & education for each of the 12 sub-plans of your life, even the ones you don't know about:








Are you working job to job and wonder why you can't build wealth that way? What are you working towards in your life? Want to take control of your money and financial future, but you wish there was some kind of financial roadmap to get you there? Our financial lifestyle action plans are exactly what you need. Myprotector not only helps you set each plan's goals but will tell you what you need to achieve them.

Understand the lifestyle planning process and the Lifestyle roadmap.

What are we checking for?

The assessment will uncover what you're doing right or doing wrong, and what value you would get from doing this action plan to improve your life.

See how much cash your family will have to pay the government and the lawyers when you die.
Find out what legal documents you must have in place to protect your wishes and your family.
See how you can earn a lifestyle income for the rest of your life so you don't need to retire broke.
See if a first responder will be able to manage your tragedy if you can't speak for yourself.
Find out what strategy will be the quickest for you to get rid of your bad debt and how much you save.
Find out if a private cloud document vault will be beneficial for your situation.
See how much additional income you can get if you become a freelance agent with us.
See how you can personally leave all your additional (side hustle) income to future generations.
See how you can share your family history with everyone in your family around the world.
See what services you qualify for to protect you loved ones if something tragic happened to you.

Get a quick lifestyle assessment.

...and uncover the fundamental gaps in your financial, legal & estate affairs that you absolutely must fill if you want to protect yourself, your family and to stay financially independent.

The .assessment. steps


Complete the application form on your LegalTech vault.

Opt-in to the agency progress strategy and follow a few simple steps to submit your data.

Myprotector's fiduciary team will produce a personalised financial lifestyle action plan all about you.

You can decide to use the report and go your own way, or you can delegate it to us as an affiliate agent and we'll help you achieve the financial lifestyle you want for yourself.

Get a quick lifestyle assessment.

...and uncover the fundamental gaps in your financial, legal & estate affairs that you absolutely must fill if you want to protect yourself, your family and to stay financially independent.


This is the start to you finally getting your financial, legal and estate affairs in order.


After completing your lifestyle action plan, you can build and protect your future with our help, or you can use your report and do it yourself.

.Financial. freedom

What do you really want out of your life?

Key areas of financial freedom

Are these the goals you want for your life?

I want total financial independence
I want to be free from working constraints
I want to do the work I love, when I want to
I want to be free to choose my own way in my life
I want to be sure that i'm working towards financial wealth
I want to earn recurring revenue to be free to live the life I love
I want to be free to act on the choices that are meaningful to my future
If this sounds like what you aspire to in your life, then become a member and our legal team will help you achieve your goals.

Quick Answers!

Firstly! Is it affordable?  

Absolutely, Myprotector has structured its own inhouse legal service offerings and has built a network of attorneys and advisors who will give their expertise to our members. We make it our mission to teach our members the best strategy to get them out of the daily struggle and into a prosperous future.

Can I use an attorney who is not in the Myprotector network?  

Yes, you can use any attorney you’d like. If you choose an attorney outside of our network, we’ll reimburse you for services based on a set fee schedule.

Can I help my family in some way as part of my subscription?  

Yes, every paying subscriber is given 5 free LegalTech Vaults to encourage extended family members to protect their information. These members can enjoy some of the benefits and services but will be limited when it comes to revenue generation and other paid for services services.

How does the business compare with other?  

Myprotector is a very innovative company and prides itself on offering great solutions in unique but effective ways. Our approach is to link key role players in the industry together and to structure benefits and services to help the majority of middle to lower income groups with all their legal and estate matters. Our modern solutions also include an estate planning without the need for cash or a life policy to fund the deceased estate. All our members receive our interconnected LegalTech platform to help you manage your affairs. No other business offers this solution.

Does it include ongoing estate, legal and heritage preservation education?  

Yes, Myprotector has a built-in education hub as well as an ongoing planning strategy that guides individuals and/or employees through the maze of information. The platform allows each person a way to access help where they need personalised education or assistance.

Is there a waiting period for benefits?  

No, everyone will be be able to enjoy the inhouse services from the day they are activated.

Is there a network of professionals I can use?  

Yes, these are firms of attorneys who are networked to Myprotector who offer our subscribers specialist services over and above the Myprotector services that are offered to members.

How does Myprotector help me save money?  

We offer all our members the correct way to plan for their future by being guided by our qualified team. We make sure that you receive services that hold huge value to you and your family. Through the education we provide you, you can slowly start building the life you want so that you avoid unnecessary costs.

Is the services offered stand-alone and voluntary service through a company or will it be included into existing benefits?  

Myprotector offers stand-alone benefit so that our members aren't effected by poor performance or service from third parties.

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?  

Yes, there is no problem with canceling at any time. However, Myprotector will engage with you to make certain that you understand the risks of doing so.

How will Myprotector support my family when I pass away?  

When a member passes away, our legal team will need to be notified alongside pension fund administrators and all key contacts (We use the myICE service for this). Myprotector has a dedicated call centre that instantly notifies the employer, any advisors, executors or pension fund administrators. We collaborate with all key role-players because that would have been set-up during the set-up phase within the LegalTech platform.

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