If you want to learn about financial freedom, how to live a better lifestyle, how to have more independence in life and how to make sustainable INCOME and PROGRESS even as you pursue your primary job...

...then you need to use our 12-steps to financial freedom program and work with my team to build the life you want


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Quick Answers!

Firstly! Is it affordable?  

Absolutely! Myprotector has structured its own inhouse legal service offerings and has built a network of attorneys and advisors who will give their expertise to our members for free. We make it our mission to teach our members the best strategy to get them out of the daily struggle and into a prosperous future.

Can I protect members of my family as well as myself?  

Yes! Myprotector offers many services, both free and discounted to make sure you have access to the right solutions for specific needs in your life. We also give you rewards that can be shared with your family as you go along the 12 step strategy.

Can I help my family in some way as part of my subscription?  

Yes! Everyone paying subscriber is given 5 free LegalTech Vaults to encourage for your extended family members. These members can enjoy some of the benefits and services but will be limited when it comes to revenue generation and other services.

How does the business compare with other?  

Myprotector is a very innovative company and prides itself on offering great solutions in unique but effective ways. Our approach is to link key role players in the industry together and to structure benefits and services to help the majority of middle to lower income groups with all their legal matters. Our modern solutions also include an estate planning strategy, A deceased estate agreement to wind-up the estate without the need for cash or a life policy and an interconnected LegalTech platform to help you manage your affairs. No other business offers this solution.

Does it include ongoing estate, legal and heritage preservation education?  

Yes! Myprotector has a built-in education hub as well as an ongoing planning strategy that guides individuals and/or employees through the maze of information. The platform allows each person a way to access help where they need personalised education or assistance.

Is there a waiting period for benefits?  

No! Everyone will be be able to enjoy the services from the day they are activated.

Is there a network of professionals I can use?  

Yes, These are firms of attorneys who are networked to Myprotector who offer our subscribers specialist services over and above the fundamental services that are offered by Myprotector. Myprotector has negotiated discounts for our members to help with the costs of obtaining the services or products.

How does Myprotector help me make money?  

We offer all our members the correct way to plan for their future by being guided by our qualified team. We will give you a great commission structure on all new subscribers fee so you can use that income to constructively pay off your bad debts and to start saving. Through the education we provide you, you can slowly start building the life you want. A full description about how it all works is built into the strategy.

Is the services offered stand-alone and voluntary service through a company or will it be included into existing benefits?  

The Myprotector offers stand-alone benefit so that our members aren't effected by poor performance or service.

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?  

Yes! There is no problem with canceling at any time. However, Myprotector will engage with you to make certain that you understand the risks of doing so, if you have purchased services.

How will Myprotector support my family when I pass away?  

When a member passes away, our legal team will need to be notified alongside pension fund administrators and all key contacts. Myprotector has a dedicated call centre that instantly notifies the employer, any advisors, executors or pension fund administrators. We collaborate with all key role-players because that would have been set-up during the set-up phase.

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