Who is Myprotector aimed at?

Myprotector is aimed at:

Financially covered already

If you already have things like life cover for the deceased estate costs, you can add this platform to your portfolio so that the services offered here can help your loved ones manage the winding-up procedures stress free. We offer you our devoted protection and deceased estate technology and superb administrative service. Having the financial cover on its own still doesn't help you with the practical matters that need to be attended to. That's why you add Myprotector to you financial planning.

Single parents

Support during tragic times is crucial for single parents. The children are too young to know anything about financial and estate problems. They simply need to know what number to call and that your emergency plan will take care of the rest for them. You need to be able to express their wishes to the children's guardian about what you want for your children.

Single-person households
Staying alone and in different parts of the world places you in a more vulnerable position. Those around you might not know what you own or what to do if you passed away. You need a support service to speak for you and coordinate your affairs from around the globe.

World travel has become the norm. Expats live in one place while their homes are in another country. The displacement of their lives complicates the tasks that need to be performed. Family members connect mostly by technology and private documents and everything else are scattered. Expats need a one-stop solution to take care of everything from a distance.

High risk occupation
Working in a high-risk job puts your loved ones at constant stress. Fire fighters, police persons and similar occupations will need to know that their family has a solution that supports them. If you passed away, your spouse becomes a single parent and the problem only gets worse.

Separated people
All too often, when separation happens, assets are either gained or lost. This changes the value of your asset base and your assurance should be adjusted accordingly. The change also means that you need to re-look at your legal documentation to change the beneficiaries where necessary. A separate solution such as this could be handy if you have a new and different need to protect your assets for your loved ones.